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Shelano Partners


Become a Shelano Partner to promote your beauty store or salon for free. For every order from $200 AUD, you will receive an advertisement for your business.

1. How to calculate the advertising budget based on your orders.

30% x Total order amount = marketing budget.

30% x $ 200 AUD = $ 60 AUD

2. How will the budget be used for your marketing plans?

With $ 60 AUD, your business can reach from 2.000 to 5.000 active users on Facebook per day via Facebook Ads in 3 weeks.


3. Terms and Conditions

Provide creative elements, such as images and headlines, and we’ll automatically generate combinations optimized for your audience. Variations may include different formats, templates or audio based on one or more elements.

  • Target Audience: location. age, gender.

  • Schedule: the ad duration will be based on your budget (Minimum $20 AUD per week).

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